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I'm in contract! Now what?

* Earnest Money Deposit

☐ Your agent provides the escrow officer with your contact information

☐ Make sure the funds are available in your checking account

☐ Escrow officer will contact you with wire instructions

☐ Before transferring the money call the escrow office/title company to confirm account information

☐ Wire transfer the funds (online or go to the bank)

☐ Get a copy of the receipt and email to your agent

☐ Once received by the title company you will get the EMD receipt

* Appraisal

☐   Your lender will send you a payment request  

☐   Make sure the appraisal is ordered as soon as possible

☐   Once of the agents will meet with the appraisal once scheduled

☐   You get the appraisal report from your lender

☐   Remove appraisal contingency (if applicable)

* Insurance

Home insurance is an important step in buying a home. You’ll want to be sure to find an insurance agent you like and that your insurance plan covers everything that you want it to.

☐   Call few insurance companies and shop around

☐   Pay for the full year and send the confirmation to your lender OR

☐   Get a quote and send to your lender to be paid as part of closing

* Inspections

If the seller did not provide inspection reports, you’ll want to inspect the property for any and all things that could be wrong with it. Some of the main items you’ll want to be on the lookout for include issues with the: Foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

☐   Ask your agent to order the inspections

☐   Get the reports and review

☐   Negotiate with the seller any fixes and/or price

☐   Remove inspection contingency (if applicable)

* Send your lender documents ASAP

☐   W-2

☐   Tax Returns

☐   Bank Statements

☐   Pay Stubs

* Closing

☐   Few days before closing your lender will send you the final Closing Document to sign

☐   Ask your agent to review the final closing statement

☐   The escrow officer will call you to schedule a signing time with a notary

☐   Sign all closing documents with a notary

☐   a day before closing – wire transfer the remaining down payment to the escrow

☐   Escrow record the new ownership at the county office

☐   You get the keys to your new home


* Before Closing - Prepare your move

☐   Contact Moving companies

☐   Contact fumigation/termite companies if needed

☐  Start collecting boxes


* After Closing – Prepare your move

☐   Update your mailing address at or fill out a change-of-address form at a local post office

☐   Change your address with important service providers like banks, credit companies, subscriptions and others

☐  Contact utility companies – disconnect/connect utilities






Change of address checklist

* Home services and utilities

☐  Telephone (mobile and landline)

☐  Cable provider

☐  Internet provider

☐  Electrical utility

☐  Gas utility

☐  Residential propane delivery

☐  Water utility

☐  Water delivery

☐  Garbage and recycling

☐  Sewer utility

☐  Septic system maintenance

☐  Home security company

* Public offices and government agencies

☐  US Postal Service

☐  Internal Revenue Service

☐  State Department of Taxation

☐  Local or county tax commissioner

☐  Social Security Administration

☐  Medicare Administration

☐  Department of Motor Vehicles

☐  Child Protective Services

☐  U.S. Customs and Immigration

☐  Department of Veterans Affairs

☐  Voter Registration

☐  Pet Licensing Department

* Community

☐  Employers

☐  Schools

☐  PTA

☐  Daycare providers

☐  Church, synagogue, mosque or other house of worship

☐  Homeowners’ association, condominium owners’ association, or co-op board

☐  Professional memberships

☐  Civic clubs and organizations

☐  Country club

☐  Health club

☐  Alumni organizations

☐  Fraternal organizations

☐  Charitable organizations

* Professional services

☐  Medical clinic or doctor’s office

☐  Optometrist or ophthalmologist

☐  Therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist

☐  Pharmacist

☐  Veterinarian

☐  Attorney

☐  Accountant or financial planner

☐  Insurance agent

* Residential services

☐  Maid service or housekeeper

☐  Lawn and garden service

☐  Pool maintenance

☐  Pest control

* Financial services

☐  Banks

☐  Credit unions

☐  Automobile loan or finance companies

☐  Credit card companies

☐  Student financial aid accounts

☐  Retail credit account services

☐  Pension plan, annuity, and 401K administrators

☐  Credit reporting agencies

* Transportation

☐  Airline frequent flyer programs

☐  Roadside assistance or emergency road service (AAA, auto club)

* Commercial services

☐  Membership or cost-savings clubs (BJs, Sam’s, Costco)

☐  Periodicals and catalogs

☐  Online retailers (Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, etc.)